Our Facilities

Dedicated to Patient Care


Dr. Chris and his staff are dedicated to patient care. When it comes to children, Dr. Chris understands that not all kids are the same. Having dental work can be hard for some young patients. In this respect, Dr. Chris and his staff work hard to establish that special trust between themselves and all their patients.


The office’s soothing colors and layout create an appealing atmosphere for the children, while Dr. Chris and his staff’s easy going attitude add to the relaxing atmosphere. Two Play Stations and 1 Xbox offer some fun for the older kids, while smaller games and TVs give the younger kids something to do while they wait, or during treatment.


Additionally, mild and deep sedation modalities are available, if needed,

to help the child who has strong anxiety during dental treatment. Dr. Chris works hard to achieve all dental treatment necessary with his patient’s happiness and comfort in mind.

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